The Best Reverb Pedals for Bass

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Although many bassists like to run their rig fairly dry, some like to add a little reverb. This is especially true if you’re looking to create more ambient or experimental sounds with your bass.

Top 5 Reverb Pedals for Bass

Below you can find some of the best reverb pedals which bass players absolutely love. I have included an overview of each pedal and found some demos (with bass guitars of course) so you can have a listen for yourself.

Source Audio Soundblox 2 Dimension

Price: $189.00 | Buy now from Amazon

A very popular and highly recommended reverb pedal among bassists is the Source Audio Soundblox 2 Dimension.

It’s an incredibly versatile pedal with 12 different types of reverb, and there is lots of customization options too. This pedal is perfect for warm, ambient tones if that’s what you’re looking for. The sound quality of the dimension is really good and it isn’t too pricey either.


  • Very versatile.
  • Lots of customization.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Good value for money.


  • Not specifically designed for bass like the Iron Ether Nimbus.

Iron Ether Nimbus

The Iron Ether Nimbus is a highly recommended reverb pedal, and importantly, it’s specifically designed with bass guitars in mind.

The Nimbus has a filter which allows you to keep the low ends dry and puts the reverb on to the high end. This prevents the muddy tones you often find when using reverb with bass. What you’ll get is a really nice sounding, clean and smooth reverb.

The problem with the Nimbus is that they can be hard to find. If you do come across one, it’s definitely worth considering.


  • Designed with bass in mind.
  • Smooth and clean reverb.


  • Can be hard to find.

Find it at

TC Electronic Hall Of Fame 2

Price: $148.78 | Buy now from Amazon

A great reverb pedal that is fairly easy on the wallet, small in size, but still packed with features is the TC Electronic Hall Of Fame 2.

This pedal is a popular choice for reverb among guitarists and bassists alike. Highlights of the Hall Of Fame 2 include the Mash footswitch which essentially acts as a built-in expression pedal so you can apply different amounts of reverb by varying the pressure on the footswitch. Another cool feature is the three TonePrint slots which allows for huge amounts of cusomization. And if you’re looking for some ambient reverb, the shimmer effect adds an octave up to the reverb which creates an ethereal effect.


  • Lots of useful features.
  • Small size.
  • Good value for money.


  • Not specifically designed for bass like the Iron Ether Nimbus.
TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb Pedal
New MASH footswitch and shimmer effect; Tone print- instant access to custom pedal-tweaks made by your idols!

Earthquaker Devices Afterneath

Price: $183.20 | Buy now from Amazon

The Earthquaker Devices Afterneath reverb certainly isn’t for everyone. However, if you’re looking to create more unusual and ambient sounds, it is definitely one to consider.

For experimental music, the Afterneath is perfect. You can use the unique drag function to create crazy, otherworldly sounds. However, if you want a more traditional reverb you may want to look elsewhere. Some people have found this one quite difficult to tame.


  • Unique sound.
  • Works great with bass.


  • Might be too unusual and unique for some.
EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V2 Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal
Dampen control adjusts the tone of the reverb, both stinging bright tones and warmer swell

Neunaber WET

The Neunaber WET is a small and simple reverb which works really well with bass guitars.

With only three knobs (mix, tone and depth), you won’t be able to get quite as many sounds out of it as a larger, more complex reverb like the Source Audio Dimension. However, it can still create a fairly wide variety of reverb effects and the sound quality is excellent. The small size makes it a great choice if you’re looking for something nice and compact.


  • Small size.
  • Excellent sound quality.


  • Not as diverse as some reverbs.

Find it at

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